Martha Cassens, M.S. - Candidate for Director

Martha Cassens, M.S., Lifetime Member of Phi Tau Sigma, is a food industry professional with 30 plus years of research, quality assurance, and product / process / package development experience. She is a motivator, and leads people and projects with a passion for creativity, new technology and problem solving with extremely high standards for success. Martha is involved in many different activities which are all tied to the enhancement of the food industry. She is active in IFT, the American Meat Science Association (AMSA), Research Chefs Association (RCA) and Phi Tau Sigma. Martha has demonstrated her commitment to the industry in the following areas: Food Safety, Processing, Education, Nutrition, Sensory, Feeding Studies and Innovation. She earned her B.S. in Food Science, specializing in Meat and Processing, and her M.S. in Food Science, specializing in Nitrite and Frankfurters, both from the University of Illinois. Martha has previously been employed by Vienna Sausage, ConAgra, Sara Lee, Hillshire Brands and is currently the Vice President, Product Innovation, Development & Quality of ACH Food Companies, Inc. in Illinois. Vision for ΦΤΣ: The Phi Tau Sigma purpose is to recognize and honor professional achievements in food science and technology and to enhance the professional membership of food science. I believe that continued promotion and enhancement of Phi Tau Sigma is critical. We need to mentor young scientists, encourage smart scientists and learn from experienced scientists. This is made possible with our Honorary Society and its active members. Continuing education and the ability to be surrounded by sound scientists makes our organization special. We must speak up and engage in the changing world from a scientific standpoint. I have served as an At-Large Councillor/Director, on the Membership & Qualifications Committee, and on the Program planning committee for Phi Tau Sigma. I always look forward to meeting new members and connecting with friends. I will demonstrate and leverage my Industry knowledge, leadership skills, and passion for Phi Tau Sigma and the Food Industry.