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Phi Tau Sigma accepts donations and has a variety of available sponsorship opportunities.

Phi Tau Sigma is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, so your contributions are tax deductible to the extent provided by U.S. law.

Donations and sponsorships may come from, but are not limited to, Corporations, Companies, Universities, Government agencies, Associations, Consultants, and individuals. Contributions are appreciated in any amount and can be made by way of the Phi Tau Sigma website ( Donations by check can be made by contacting the Treasurer, Kantha Shelke, Ph.D. ( Please write “Donation” or “Sponsorship” in the subject line.

Contributions of $500 or more will be recognized publicly by the Society at the annual meeting, on the Phi Tau Sigma website, in printed material associated with relevant programs and events, and in the Phi Tau Sigma monthly Newsletter. Sponsorships of awards and scholarships are also available at levels of contribution sufficient to cover the associated cost of the award or scholarship. Endowments are also accepted.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for the Phi Tau Sigma Annual Recognition Event, Phi Tau Sigma Special Recognition Award, Phi Tau Sigma Student Achievement Award (up to 3 will be awarded), the Dr. Gideon “Guy” Livingston Scholarship Fund, the Phi Tau Sigma Founders’ Scholarship, the Dr. Daryl B. Lund International Scholarship Fund, and the Phi Tau Sigma Outstanding Chapter of the Year Award. Donations can be made towards the awards and scholarships listed above, as well as the Program fund and the General fund. There are also endowment opportunities for student scholarships named for the sponsoring company.

Phi Tau Sigma has a Contributing Partners Program with five levels of sponsorships as described below. The Contributing Partner receives all of the benefits in the previous levels, plus the addition of the benefit listed for that level.

Bronze ($5,000)

  • Company listing in the “Donors and Sponsors” section of the Phi Tau Sigma Newsletter.
  • Recognition with company name on
  • Prominent recognition at all major Phi Tau Sigma events

Silver ($10,000)

  • Bronze benefits
  • Posting your company’s job openings and internships in the Phi Tau Sigma Newsletter.

Gold ($15,000)

  • Silver benefits
  • Acknowledgement of sponsorship and placement of corporate logo on plaque or scholarship/award memorabilia.

Platinum ($20,000)

  • Gold benefits
  • A press release associated with significant contributions, distributed to allied professional and trade associations for circulation to their membership via their publications, e-news and/or listservs
  • Complimentary access to student resume database

Diamond ($25,000)

  • Platinum benefits
  • Prominent multi-year listing on the Phi Tau Sigma website as a sponsor of an Endowed Program

Some corporations will match individual contributions of their employees, so check with your company about matching funds.
For more information contact the Treasurer, Kantha Shelke, Ph.D. ( or the Executive Director, Kathryn L. Kotula, Ph.D. ( Please write “Donation” or “Sponsorship” in the subject line.

Policy for Companies, Organizations and Individuals to Establish Commemorative Sponsorships and Donations

Commemorative or named awards, scholarships, lectureships, competitions and grants perpetuate a legacy. Most common reasons individuals, businesses or organizations set up commemorative scholarships/awards include: (1) Honor a living person, (2) Honor or perpetuate the memory of a deceased person, (3) Provide a special gift in one’s own name, (4) Collaborate as a group of people to honor a living or deceased person and (5) Collaborate as a business to support innovation, education and community

Commemorative scholarships/awards can be established in a variety of ways through Phi Tau Sigma:

Endowed Scholarship

 The most common type is an endowed scholarship. An endowed scholarship provides a way for a gift to last indefinitely. It usually pays tribute to a family member, a special person or acknowledgement of a business. A donor’s gift of $25,000 or more is invested and the annual income earnings are distributed as scholarships/awards in agreement with pre-established criteria determined by the contributor and Phi Tau Sigma through a Memorandum of Agreement.

Annual Scholarships/Awards

Annual Scholarships/awards are another way to commemorate individuals or acknowledge contributions by a business. Sponsors provide an annual donation to cover the honorarium and administrative costs associated with the scholarship. Donors pay only for the honorarium.

Endowed and Annual Scholarships

The final option is a combination between the endowed and annual scholarship/award.

A donor can provide an annual gift from which a portion is used to award the scholarship/award and the balance is invested until the scholarship/award fund becomes fully endowed at the donor’s desired level.

For the most lasting effect of a gift, an endowment for commemorative awards and scholarships, etc. are encouraged. For more information about Sponsorships, Donations, and Legacy Planning, please contact ΦΤΣ Executive Director:  Kathryn L. Kotula, Ph.D.,

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Policy for Companies, Organizations and Individuals to Establish Commemorative Sponsorships and Donations