President’s Message: Terri Boylston, Ph.D.

It is my honor to serve as Phi Tau Sigma’s president for the upcoming year. As the Honor Society of Food Science and Technology, Phi Tau Sigma recognizes the achievements of its members: students and professionals in food science and technology. Phi Tau Sigma is an active honor society, with opportunities for all members to get involved and enhance their professional career through networking events, presentations, and membership in committees. The monthly newsletter, website, and social media will keep you informed on all of the opportunities available to you. I would like to thank the members of the Executive Board, Board of Directors, and committee chairs and members for their support and contributions to Phi Tau Sigma. Over 150 members on 16 committees have contributed to programs to recruit new members and develop opportunities to engage members. I would like to also recognize Dr. Lauren Jackson, Past President, and Dr. Kathy Kotula, Executive Director, for their leadership, mentoring, and support during this past year. The Executive Committee, Directors, and committee chairs and members for the upcoming year are recognized later in this month’s Newsletter. Thanks to all of these volunteers who, through their dedication and contributions, are key to the success and continued growth of Phi Tau Sigma. I would also like to acknowledge the generosity of our sponsors, donors, and contributing partners, recognized at the end of the Newsletter. These contributions allow Phi Tau Sigma to provide awards and develop programs to enhance the experience for our members. In recent years, Phi Tau Sigma has expanded collaborations with several professional societies associated with Food Science and Technology. In addition to the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), Phi Tau Sigma has established relationships with the American Meat Science Association (AMSA), the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP), and the Cereals & Grains Association. This past summer, Phi Tau Sigma members were able to meet through networking events at AMSA, IAFP, and IFT. During the past year, 11 Phi Tau Sigma members received awards in recognition of their contributions to Phi Tau Sigma and field of Food Science and Technology. We are excited to further recognize the achievements and contributions of our members through 2 new programs. The Dr. S. Suzanne Nielsen Chapter Program Award will provide Chapters additional funds to develop impactful programs to further the mission of Phi Tau Sigma. The Phi Tau Sigma Research Competition will give students and post docs the opportunity to share their research with all Phi Tau Sigma members. A new EMGAM (Every Member Get a Member) Campaign will begin on September 1. I would ask every member to participate in this campaign and recruit a colleague to join Phi Tau Sigma. Nomination forms are available on the Phi Tau Sigma website ( I’m looking forward to serving Phi Tau Sigma during the upcoming year as Phi Tau Sigma continues to grow and develop programs to provide value to your membership. I encourage you to get involved in the many activities and opportunities available to student and professional members of Phi Tau Sigma and to promote Phi Tau Sigma to your colleagues. Please contact me ( if you have any suggestions or comments about Phi Tau Sigma.