Legacy Planning Through Phi Tau Sigma

Gifts from a Will or Trust
Including a gift in your will or trust, known as a charitable bequest, is a meaningful way to support Phi Tau Sigma. Gifts of any size benefit our student scholarships, honor achievements in food science and technology, encourage the advancement of scientific research and promote educational programs. You can make a gift by including Phi Tau Sigma as a beneficiary in your will or trust. You can choose to give Phi Tau Sigma a specific dollar amount, specific property, stocks and bonds, or a percentage of what remains after you’ve provided for your loved ones. As with any gift to Phi Tau Sigma, you may direct your gift to a specific scholarship or award endowment fund, the unrestricted endowment fund or annual expenses.


Control: You are able to make a generous gift while maintaining control of your assets during your life.

Flexibility: You can change your plans at any time. Estate tax reduction: Gifts to Phi Tau Sigma may not be subject to estate tax. Check with your estate planner.

Commemorative: Honor or perpetuate the memory of an individual or organization

Sample gift language

To include a gift for Phi Tau Sigma in your will or trust, we suggest using the following language: “I give [the sum, percentage, or description of property] to Phi Tau Sigma, The Honor Society of Food Science and Technology, to be used for the benefit of [the (name of) scholarship, award, or unrestricted] or [according to my written instructions on file with Phi Tau Sigma].” Name: Phi Tau Sigma, The Honor Society of Food Science and Technology Address: 33 West Ontario, Suite 57F, Chicago, IL 60654, Email: kantha@corvusblue.net Treasurer Phi Tau Sigma Federal Tax ID number: 42-1199432
Phi Tau Sigma leadership can work with you and your attorney to customize this gift language to ensure that it accurately reflects your wishes, and that Phi Tau Sigma will be able to use your gift as intended. Phi Tau Sigma can help you designate your gift in a way that’s most meaningful to you. If you prefer, your gift can be used for annual expenses, which means it will be used for the greatest need at the time it is received.

Sharing and Inspiring Others

If you’ve already included a gift to Phi Tau Sigma in your will or trust, thank you! We encourage you to tell us about your gift for our records. Providing this information does not create a binding commitment. Any information you provide about your gift will be kept confidential. By sharing your gift, you ensure that Phi Tau Sigma understands how you’d like your gift to be used. You can share your gift with us and remain anonymous if you choose.


Any information provided to you from Phi Tau Sigma related to legacy planning is not intended as legal or tax advice. For information on how any gift may affect your tax situation, please consult with your own professional advisor.

For more information, please contact ΦΤΣ Executive Director: Kathryn L. Kotula, Ph.D., klkotula@msn.com